Services offered

  • Removal of gallstones using a minimally invasive technique (access through the navel – SILS)
  • Operations of hernias (umbilical, groin or incisional hernias) using all common techniques (open, laparoscopic, SILS)
  • Surgical treatment of all malignancies in the digestive tract (stomach, small intestine, colon, etc.) whenever possible in minimal invasive technique
  • Other abdominal surgical procedures (for example: treatment of diverticulitis, appendicitis, etc.)
  • Surgical treatment of diseases of the liver and pancreas
  • Varicose veins treatment (stripping, laser)
  • Proctologic interventions (haemorrhoids (incl. the painless method HAL), fissures, fistulas, prolapse, etc.
  • Colonoscopy, gastroscopy, (with polypectomy), if desired under anaesthesia
  • Wound care (chronic wounds, wounds caused by diabetes, VAC system)
  • Small surgeries (birthmark removal, wart removal, lipomas, ganglion, etc.)
  • Evaluation and treatment (also operation if necessary) of reflux disease (heartburn, hiatus hernia)
  • Treatment of pilonidal sinus (dermoid cyst)
  • Home consultations possible
  • Operation of Phimosis

What I do not offer

  • Bariatric (Obesity) surgery
  • Vascular surgery (excluding veins)
  • Breast Surgery,
  • Surgery on children under 16 years